Some articles relating to our discussion on Monday

Hi everyone,

I wanted to send a couple of links along in case you were interested in the discussion we were having about bias in algorithms. I find this topic fascinating. Nothing too academic here -a couple of newspaper/magazine articles on the topic.

Google Faulted for racial bias…

What you don’t know about internet algorithms…

Hidden Gender Bias in Google Image Search

Why Can’t Silicon Valley Solve its Diversity Problem?

Search Engines and Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Phliosophy) a little old, but interesting

See you all soon!

One down!

Meeting you all last night was such a pleasure! I’m really looking forward to this journey we have all just begun.

So, as a reminder, your blog posts are due Sunday night by midnight and they will focus on one of the readings that you will have read for that week. If you’d like, you can blog about something else that is related to those readings – a particular DH project you saw and explored, a research question you might like to explore, etc.

Also, I had an idea for a project that some of you might consider. What if you did an online archive of images of protest signs from the Women’s March? This project would require collecting images – maybe you’d need to find a platform that allowed people across the country to submit images and info – , but it would also involve specific markup in XML (we’ll go over that in a few weeks), thinking through the way you would want a user to interface with the archive, and so on. It would probably be a good project to work on with the computer scientists, too.

Just an idea.

Here are the links to the projects we looked at last night:

See you all soon. Don’t forget to email me your blog addresses!